Performing Arts Foundation Scholarship Program

The Julie Borromeo’s Performing Arts Foundation, formerly Dance Arts Studio has been running for more than 60 years, with its classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Flamenco, Musical Theater, etc. And all this time, little has been mentioned about the true lifeblood of the school and why it truly exists. From the very start, JBPAF existed for its advocacy to help uplift the lives of mostly the marginalized and less fortunate, through the arts. It began with Julie Borromeo’s own household help, and those from her family and relatives, to the families and relatives of her employees. The Mabaquiaos, Comeros, Ramos, Natividads, Braganzas, are among the few that JBPAF has supported.

Miguel Braganza (Broadway USA), Mario Recto (Chicago USA), Bobby Ongkiko (USA), Tony Salamat (Europe) are among so many more that have been the success stories of Julie Borromeo’s scholarship program. Among our most recent success stories include Rofel Ann Artaiz (Philippine Ballet Theater artist (PBT) and JBPAF faculty, MINT College Professor in Dance), Matthew Davo (PBT Principal Dancer, JBPAF Faculty), and Shaira Comeros (winning international competitions, and is a National Commission on Culture for the Arts 2016 Ani Ng Dangal Award recipient).

Today the school continues to develop the talents of both male and female of varied ages, with talent and passion for the performing arts.

Whether needing support to hone talent or just simply talented and would like to further the gift, the JBPAF Scholarship Program is there to help develop these. To apply, aspirants should provide their resumes, school transcripts, letters of recommendation and of good moral character, and an audition video of their skills in the arts. Please send these requirements via email to

For more information, please contact the studio at (02)775-0827, (02)723-8158.